SAPGH redesign V2.0

(now with scrolling instead of clicking!)


This is the second iteration, born out of a blog post I read about designing nice home pages. This version in particular is essentially a copycat page, so I would want to make substantial revisions before going live.

Here’s a link to the previous version (and the next version) if you’d like to see the progression.

Things I like:

  • It’s all on one page now. The user can see all of the information without having to make active decisions (i.e., without having to click anything).

  • We have some social proofs that convey the benefit of SAPGH, but also give the user some important information. If I’m not familiar with Sunday Assembly, the quote from Jess will be extremely helpful in figuring out what an assembly will be like, and whether that’s something I’d like. We also have a (made up) quote from Henry. It sounds like something Henry could say, and I think it would be great for SAPGH to reach more families with kids.

  • We have blog post previews now. This conveys that SAPGH is an active organization. The previous version mentioned the blog on the homepage, but to see or even preview posts, the user would have to click.

  • There are two calls to action, including one at the top. This way we have an immediate CTA before they lose interest.

Things that could be better

  • It looks pretty cluttered right now. I think it’s trendy to have a block like the green form that spans two sections, but I don’t like the way it looks.

  • Generally it relies on a lot of top-to-bottom information flows. The principles are distributed vertically, as are the blog posts and the community programs. We’re scrolling top to bottom, but it feels more natural to read left to right.

  • The layout of the community page looks boring, too blocky.

  • I don’t like the language I used describing CF (why not just say we’re proud to partner with CF?).

Next Steps:

  • Let’s declutter it a bit.

  • How many of the vertical information flows can go horizontal instead?

  • Can we get a couple of rounded edges instead of having everything so square?

  • Change the CF language (easy enough)