SAPGH Current

SAPGH redesign V2.1 (current)

Current version, which incorporates the blog and replaces most of the stock photos with actual SA photos


This is the current design, although I am not quite finished with it.

Here’s a link to the main portfolio entry where I discuss the Home/About sections more in-depth (starting with low-fi wireframes) and compare them to the original.

Things I like:

  • It’s all on one page now. The original site was on separate pages. With a single page design, the user can see all of the information without having to make active decisions (i.e., without having to click anything).

  • We have some social proofs that convey the benefit of SAPGH, but also give the user some important information. If I’m not familiar with Sunday Assembly, the quote from Jess will be extremely helpful in figuring out what an assembly will be like, and whether that’s something I’d like.

  • I really like the blog post slideshow, because it conveys that SAPGH is an active organization. The previous version mentioned the blog on the homepage, but to see or even preview posts, the user would have to click.

  • There is a clear call to action at the bottom, and I’m personally a fan of the bold green box.

Things that could be better

  • The call to action is very far down in the page. If what we want is for the user to send us an email, they might lose interest before they see the form.

  • The color palette is a little bland. Could use some more yellow and maybe some more green.

  • The first quote bar could have two short quotes instead of just one on the right.

  • The nav bar order is wrong: the blog should come before contact (that’s an easy fix)

  • If we’re going to call it “send us an email” instead of “learn more,” the form should include a space for typing a message.

  • The pictures in the “About” page are back to stock photos because I just copy/pasted this section back in. Need to change these to real SA pics.

Next Steps:

  • First, I can fix some things on the list above.

  • Then I want to conduct some interviews with people who use the site (and some who haven’t yet), and get their perspective on what was wrong with the old site and what I can improve about the new one. (Ideally this would have been one of the first steps…I was just so darn excited to put something together!)