SAPGH redesign V1.0

(Sketch is pretty cool you guys)

Splash page

About page

Contact page

Community page


This is the first iteration, and was an attempt to improve the SAPGH site’s information architecture. Here’s a link to the next version if you’d like to see the progression. If you would like more laughter in your life, here’s a link to some of the sketches/wireframes I drew.

Things I like:

  • It’s a bit easier to find the information I’m looking for: What is SAPGH? What does the org do? When and where do they meet? Are they active? Most of those questions can be answered in a few clicks.

  • It looks pretty good

Things that could be better

  • There’s no clear call to action. When I land on the splash page, the only way to navigate away is to use the nav bar. As a user, that sucks.

  • Generally I would like it to be more scroll-centered and less click-centered.

  • There’s no unified color palette. We have some brown, some black, some white, some random grey.

Next Steps:

  • Let’s scrollify it.

  • How about a clear call to action? What do we want users to do on this page?

  • Let’s get consistent with colors.